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Wuhan Hezhong Bio-chemical Mabnufacture Co., Ltd

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Wuhan Hezhong Bio-chemical Mabnufacture Co.,  Ltd
Wuhan Hezhong Bio-chemical Mabnufacture Co., Ltd
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Name:Mrs. christina jin [Sales]
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Address:496 Zhongshan Road Wuchang Wuhan China
wuhan 430064, Hubei
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Registration Date:Jun. 21, 2011
Last Updated:Jun. 21, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Chemicals category

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Wuhan Hezhong Bio-Chemical Manufature Co., Ltd. is a leading multifunctional enterprise in china, engaging in Fine chemicals, Cinnamate series, Steroid drugs, Steroid hormones, Vitamins, Amino acids, Extracts, etc. We have authority of import and export and we have passed ISO9001.
We advocate an enterprise idea that Efficient innovation, integrity rigorous, friendship development, win-win cooperation. On base of Survival by quality, Create profit by service, Building prestige by law and discipline, we have high sense of social responsibility and unique charming enterprise culture.
Since the establishment of the company, Yuancheng Group has employed many professionals with aptitude and possessed a team of marketing personnel with profound professional knowledge, excellent professional ability and rich experience. The company specialized in chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediate, flavor and fragrance, food additive etc, and has world-wide customers. It' s perfect marketing network and Service Platform can sever the customers from 20 countries and distracts in domestic, Occident and southeast Asia timely. The company have gained the trust of the customers by it' s wholehearted and professional service.

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